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Ty ===== sateesh pal mobile no 9794965828 ↵ Krishna - the constant stream of devotional poets poet Surdas passing the name of the man who is leading. He was born in 1478 AD in the village called Mathura Agra Runkta located along the path. Surdaas singer's father Ramdas. Surdaas be Jnmand concerning the differences. Initially Gugat Surdas lived near Agra. There he met and became his disciple Sri Vallabhacharya occurred. Vallabhacharya Pustimarg ordained him to the Krishna Lila ordered j post songs. In Ashtchhap poets. Surdaas Parasuli village near Govardhan's death occurred in 1580 AD. ↵ ↵ ===== L22ll63l229l2l9 3:39 pm, फ़रवरी 22, 2014 (UTC) bgjgtg ☃ ☃ ☃ hindi

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